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Kelle / Jul 22, 2017

We had our best allied raid with Kittens yet! Nearly 50 people attended and we were able to make it up to Island 7 and kill one of the Sisters of the Spire. There were several good drops and upgrades. The most notable drops from The Circle were th...

Guild Charter
Mission Statement - The Circle is a casual raiding/grouping guild with a goal to have a positive impact on the p99 server by providing friendly yet competitive raid habits, inclusive grouping, and helpful guild chat. The name "The Circle" was chosen in the spirit of The Knights of the Round Table. Anyone is welcome to organize and lead events, raids, and meetings regardless of your status in the guild. Those members who show these leadership qualities are frequently promoted to officers.

Positivity and respect are the two most important attributes that we look for in new recruits. We encourage people, rather than chastise them. We praise people when they do well, and forgive them for their mistakes. This is a game; it is meant to be fun and we want to keep it that way!

We currently raid Kael on Wednesday evenings for level 45+ and we cycle between level 50+ raid targets on Sundays including Plane of Hate, Chardok, and Western Waste Dragons. Recently, we have started going up to Plane of Sky Friday nights with Kittens. The vast majority of raid loot is /random 1000. If you seek further information,please feel free to contact any of our guild officers; we will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.